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Sunday October 5: Week #2 Games

12:15PM:  4-6 Raiders vs. 4-6 Buccaneers  /  4-6 Rams vs. 4-6 Patriots

1:30PM: 12-15 Bengals vs. 12-15 Redskins / 6-8 Jets vs. 6-8 Lions / 12-15 Chiefs vs. 12-15 Vikings

2:45PM:  6-8 Patriots vs. 6-8 Ravens  /  6-8 Bills vs. 6-8 Packers  /  6-8 Steelers vs. 6-8 Saints

4PM: 9-11 Broncos vs. 9-11 Cowboys / 9-11 Falcons vs. 9-11 Raiders / 9-11 49ers vs. 9-11 Giants

**HOME TEAM is First Team Listed: HOME TEAM wears the dark side of jersey**

Sports and The Right Attitude

Check out this East View Texas High School football players post-game interview. One of the best interviews ever!

Appolos Hester Interview

When The Game Stands Tall

"Watching (the movie) When the Game Stands Tall really brings to light that while winning is our job as coaches, it's not the most important thing. You see real-life situations in this movie: young men having to overcome problems on the field and off the field. As coaches, helping our players become better men and women is the most important thing we can do."

Tony Dungy, Super Bowl-winning coach and All Pro Dad spokesman -

“Growing up is painful. It’s not easy. But that’s what our program is about in case you haven’t figured it out. It ain’t about the football. It ain’t about scoring touchdowns. It ain’t about the win streak. It’s about moving you in a direction that will assist you and help you grow up. So that you can take your place out in the world and out in society and out in our community, you can be depended on.”

Bob Ladouceur, De La Salle High School Head Coach, Concord, California. De La Salle won 151 straight high school football games from 1992-2004.

See more at: When The Game Stands Tall


Spring 2014 6-8 Super Bowl Champs

The Bills and Coach Jeff & Coach Paul

Spring 2014 9-11 Super Bowl Champs

The Bears and Coach Mike & Coach Tim

Don't Look Back

Carson Chases Coop!


Brooke Takes Off!

Get to the Outside!

Lincoln looks for the corner


"Here's your flag back Brett!"


Amelia shows good form

Go That Way!

Tucker heads upfield