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4th Down - Spring 2106

Offense will now have 4 downs to cross midfield, and if successful another 4 downs to score a touchdown.

When 4th down is reached, the referee will ask the offensive coach if he wants to “punt” or go for it. Punting means the offense will turn the ball over, and their opponent will take over on offense on their own 5 yard line as we have traditionally done.

If the coach decides to go for it on 4th, and does not gain the first down or score a touchdown, the opposing offense will take over possession from where the defense stops the drive.

For example; if the offense has 4th and midfield in the passing zone, and does not gain midfield, the opponent will take over on offense where the drive stopped. That would give them a first and goal with 4 plays to score a touchdown.

If the line of scrimmage falls between the 5 yard line and the goal line, the ball gets brought back out to the 5. The offense can’t “pin” their opponent on the goal line by going for a touchdown on 4th down.