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Overtime - Spring 2016

Overtime games will no longer be decided by yards gained: for this season, overtime games will be decided by either a 1-point PAT from the 5 yard line (pass only) or a 2-point PAT from the 12 yard line (run or pass).

Overtime will start with the Home Team calling the coin toss, and then both teams will attempt to go for a 1-point conversion by passing. Both teams will get an attempt to score.

If game is still tied, team that lost the coin toss will decide to go first or second in Round 2, which will consist of either a 1-point attempt from the 5 yard line (pass) or 2-point attempt from the 12 yard line (run or pass).

If still tied after two rounds, both teams have to go for a 2-point conversion (run or pass) until the game is decided.