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Saturday, October 26 – Week #3 Games

Location: Inter-Lakes High School Turf Field

11:00 AM: 6U Division: LIFE Medi Spa Colts vs Giants

11:00 AM: 6U Div: The Windmill Restaurant Steelers vs The Bob House Reel N’ Tavern Redskins

11:00 AM: 6U Division: Newell & Crathern Cardinals vs Focus Automotive Seahawks

12:15 PM: 13U Division: Lions vs Redskins / Bears vs Seahawks / Jaguars vs Giants

1:15 PM: 13U Division: Vikings vs Patriots

1:15 PM: 8U Division: Dolphins vs Browns / Ambrose Brothers Panthers vs Patriots

2:20 PM: 8U Division: Friends of Belmont Football Giants vs Rick’s Barber Shop Steelers

2:20 PM: 8U Division: Bryant’s Paving Packers vs Jets

2:20 PM: 8U Division: Bryant’s Pipe Connections Vikings vs PUFO Raiders

3:25 PM: 10U Division: Concord Eye Center Raiders vs Steelers / Chiefs vs Patriots

4:25 PM: 10U Division: Vikings vs Buccaneers / Cowboys vs Eagles / Giants vs Seahawks

*Home Team First Team Listed: Home Wears Colors, Away Wears Whites