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Covid-19 Social Distancing Reminder

LRFFL Community,

The precautions that you have been taking have ensured that we are practicing safe, committed adherence to the State of NH COVID-19 recommended guidelines for outdoor sports participation. Thank you.

As for all new things there is always the possibility for improvement, this is no exception. We are constantly looking for value-added recommendations for enhancing the safety of our LRFFL community and the Lakes Region Community at large. Our teams have been kept small and our implementation of more coaching staff and team parents has only increased our abilities to maintain social distancing recommendations.  The health screening and prescreening of participants each week is going exceptionally well. Again, thanks to you and your diligent efforts.

The State of NH and the LRFFL understands that it is difficult to constantly maintain social distancing guidelines, which is why they are recommendations and not law. Your efforts have been stellar to date. We request that an increased effort be exerted in a couple of areas: social distancing is keeping 6 feet from others unless wearing properly fitting facemasks. How can we all help?

  • Parents – please remind your children to try to practice social distancing while on the football field.

  • Players – while on the sidelines, attempt to remember to practice social distancing.

  • Team Parents – practice and periodically remind players on the sidelines to practice social distancing.

  • Coaches and staff – practice and periodically remind players on the sidelines to practice social distancing, and try to spread out your players on the field in formations and when engaged in open-air huddles whenever possible.

As an additional layer of effort, LRFFL Board Members will continue their work towards reminding those on the sidelines to social distance throughout the game day events.

The referees are not responsible for anything associated with this effort, except that they are practicing social distancing as much as they can as well. They have no authority over anything outside of enforcing the rules and regulations of flag football games.

Again, we understand this is difficult to adhere to being new recommended guidance of the State of NH, but with your help, we can ensure the LRFFL community has the safest possible environment to reduce the spread of COVID-19, and for participation in the great sport of Flag Football.

Thank you for your continued diligent efforts! We couldn’t do this without you.

The LRFFL Board of Directors