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Lakes Region Flag Football League

Lakes Region Flag Football League

NFL Flag Rules

NFL Flag Rules

Coin Toss determines which team starts on offense. Visiting Team makes the call. Team that wins the coin toss has choice of offense or defense first. Other Team has choice of direction.

Offense takes possession at own 5-yard line.

Offense has 4 Plays to cross midfield and gain a first down; then 4 plays to score a touchdown; if neither goal obtained, ball changes possession.

No-Running Zones:

        Within 5 yards of midfield – offense must Pass.

       Within 5 yards of end zone – offense must Pass.

40 minute games – running clock (20 minute halves):

       Half-time 2 minutes long

Team has 30 seconds to run a play.

Each Team has one 60 second timeout per half.

Point After Touchdown:

       *is worth 1 Point from the 5 yard line (has to be Pass)

       *is worth 2 Points from the 12 yard line (Run or Pass)

       *Interception on PAT is Returnable by Defense for a score (worth 1 or 2 points)

Coaches are allowed on field to direct players – defensive coach must leave field before the snap.

All fumbles are dead balls – offense keeps possession at spot of fumble.

*Offensive Fumble in own end zone results in 2-point safety for defense; defense takes over on offense.

Play is dead when ball carrier’s knee or arm touches ground.

Play is dead if ball carrier’s flag falls out.

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